about me

I first became interested in making things when I was little. I loved to work with beads when I was a kid. My grandma always set up craft tables for my cousins and me in her garage. Such fond memories!

I first graduated from Ball State, then I went to Herron School of Art for a year… and then switched to education. Obviously, I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to do! 😆

I love to make watercolor paintings of various colleges (Ball State, IU, Purdue) and I do sketches of different landmarks at the colleges.

I get my inspiration from quotes, Bible verses, song lyrics, books, favorite places I’ve been, and quotes from podcasts.

I like to do words in calligraphy in the shape of animals or other things.

I love decorating envelopes to mail cards to family and friends…I like to put old postage stamps on the envelopes too.

When I first started I decided to make one of my small paintings into a greeting card and then sell it on Etsy. It took off from there! My website is called Gifts That Give Studio because I donate the money I make. My plan is to have many artists with art for sale on my website with a drop-down menu where you have options where to donate the money. Contact me if you’re interested!

Let’s build something together.

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