Noel Jingleballs

Last  year our elf mysteriously got “eaten by grandma’s dog”…. That skinny legged, googley eyed guy was creepy so I was happy to get rid of it and pass it along to my friend Sarah. 🙂

Ol’ Elffie got replaced with the “kindness elf” and he promotes random acts of Christmas kindness (RACKs).  The kids couldn’t agree on a name for him so we went to an ‘elf name generator’ online and now we have Noel Jingleballs! This elf still brings some little surprises and gets into some mischief.  We have a smaller one now (pictured below) so the kids knew something was up! They kept harassing me until I finally had to spill the beans and tell them that I bought him online. (I promise I told them to keep it secret so they won’t ruin it for other kids!)

My friend Heather inspired me; their family does the most amazing secret things at Christmastime.  They will pay for groceries and watch the cashier reveal the news to the unknowing family.

The elf did show up today with a note…they forgot to do a RACK yesterday!


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